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Area rugs...are another story.

Do you have a beautiful oriental rug in the living room that gets dirty around the edges? Or place mats at the doors that look dingy?

Let our technicians have a look at it and clean it for you. Whether they be wool, oriental, or regular rugs, we clean just about all kinds every day. Even if you think, "Oh, but another carpet cleaner shrunk the last rug I had," that's not a problem with us. Especially for delicate rugs, we only use detergents specially designed for cleaning such rugs--helping to avoid damage costs and frustrations on either end. And we make sure to use the appropriate heat and suction for delicate rugs to prevent any shrinking or rippling effects.

Upon the customer's request, we also treat odors and stains, clean front and back, and make sure that every inch (including the fringes) is sparkling clean.

Vacuuming is a very important aspect for maintaining the rug's overall look. We recommend that our customers make a habit of vacuuming their rug(s) everyday or as often as possible, to conserve the rug's health and keep allergies down. Especially for those with allergies, the area rugs act as a filter for pollens. So it's best to vacuum them often to reduce in-home pollens.



Area Rug Cleaning

"To Do" Checklist

Inspect rug: to determine the type of fiber, so that we know which cleaning agents will be put to use. This prevents the rug from distortion, shrinking, color fastness, and buckling.

Vacuum it: to remove as much dry soil particles from within the fibers before the pre-treat is applied. Because what many don't know is that dry soil isn't water soluble. So the more dirt that's left behind (regardless of how much water is injected inside or the immense vacuum suction that can pull out tons of soil), the more dirtier the rug will get over time. Not to mention, dirt abrades ("sands down") the carpet fibers.

Pre-treatment: is applied to soften up the soil embedded within the fibers, folowed by a low-PH mild rinse to bring back the PH level of the fibers to a neutral stage.

Cleaning: we do steam cleaning. We do rug baths for urine contamination to remove odor. We also clean and treat moth-infested rugs.

"Vortex: home of the world's most powerful steam cleaning machine."

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