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Bravo Cleaning


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And like we mentioned before, our truckmount produces hot water at a constant temperature of 280º. This ensures that the carpet is getting cleaned all around. Our machine's vacuum suction at 1,075 cfm's makes certain that nothing is left behind and that your carpets will dry in hours--not days.

Carpet Cleaning

Grime, stains, and lipstick shades...the bane of any homeowner's existence.

I remember the days when I didn't have a carpet cleaning business and managing a home full of kids was a living nightmare in of itself. From traffic lanes to Kool Aid stains, the carpet never went a day without some kind of new spill or wear-and-tear to decorate the already messy "collage". And what made matters worse, it was hard finding a decent carpet cleaner that had the capabilities to pull all that gunk off the floor. So when Bravo Cleaning Services became a reality, I no longer worried about those stains because I had a machine that could take care of my hassles.

And that's why I would like to extend this miracle to many others who face such stains on a regular basis. With the innovative technology of the Vortex truckmount, your carpets will look brighter and stay healthier for the days to come. We use green clean products that're safe on animals and people (especially infants). One particular detergent we use is called Surfactant. It helps to attack the even more stubborn soil spots, softening and suspending it above the water within the carpet for easy removal. And because it's non-cationic it won't create a gummy, residual effect. So you get the desired sanitation...and a fresh fragrance!

What many don't know is that many spotters and cleaning machines (such as a Rug Doctor) bought from your local store present a bigger threat to your carpet than anything. They either dye the carpet fibers a different color or lock in stains. I can't begin to tell you the number of people I've had to break the unfortunate news to. But the blame doesn't lie on the customer– rather, it goes to the false advertising of infomercials seen daily on TV. That's why we carry numorous spotters with us in case we come across such stains, whether they be paint or food spills. Some of these spotters, which are exzyme-based, are perfect in such situations where removal of dark spots or petroluem by-products are needed. They are biodegradable, so they aren't harmful. We even carry spotters that we sell to the customer for the sudden, "oh, no" spills that are always inevitable. You can purchase one at the time of the appointment or request for one to be delivered.