Bravo Cleaning


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"To Do" Checklist

Remove calcium from water fixtures: this includes sinks, tubs, and showers.

Vacuum carpets and tile: with our Kirby vacuum, your carpets will be cleaner and softer to walk on with your bare feet, especially after a long day of work.

Clean floor with a microfiber mop: it aids in collecting the dust particles, so that they don't filter in the air and settle on the already cleaned countertops and mirrors.

Polish furniture and countertops: sink fixtures, wooden furniture, and marble or linoluem countertops (other types of countertops included).

Remove toilet rings: it's an eyesore we have no trouble taking out with our pumice stones.

Dust furniture and shelves: microfiber towels are used, so as not to spread dust particles and allergens all over the air.

Wipe down windows and mirrors: this is done with microfiber towels to thoroghly polish the glass, giving it that non-streak shine.

Vacuum upholstery: to get rid of any pet hair, allergens, and crumbs. We get in between and under cushions.

Make your one-stop call for all your cleaning needs!

There are many of us who don't have time in the day to pick up in the house...or make it look decently presentable for those who come to visit (especially when they arrive at the LAST minute).

If you are one of those people, then give us a call for our house cleaning service. We'll gladly shine those dusty tables and make your bathrooms sparkle. All the cleaning products we use are of the best quality. And they get the job done.

house Cleaning

"Vortex: home of the world's most powerful steam cleaning machine."

Awarded best cleaning.Call us at (505) 217-4567

We vacuum your carpet and tile with our Kirby vacuum; dust and polish your furniture; wipe and polish all tables in the kitchen and living areas; mop the tiled floors; remove calcium from shower doors, walls, and faucets; thoroghly clean toilets; spray and wipe windows and mirrors; vacuum upholstery; clean and polish countertops; remove calcium from kitchen and bathroom sinks; and various other things.

So call now and book your house cleaning appointment today!