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Bravo Cleaning


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Thought they couldn't be cleaned...until now.

Yup. Along with cleaning the basics, we also do the more unexpected cleanings. For instance, take this pic of a stuffed dog--this was someone's treasure. And like with all treasured things, it eventually gets old and soiled. But with our knowledge and expertise, we have the capabilities of restoring the image of that cherished memory.

We take special care into cleaning whatever we're given and deliver it in a plastic bag, if needed, to avoid it getting dirty. We also allow customers to do drop-off and pick-up from our home if time is an issue. And even if the object requires more than a day to clean (this usually happens when it's heavily soiled or we feel the odor persists), we don't charge by the day.

Matresses, material briefcases, pillows, stuffed animals, lounge chairs--you name it. We do it all.

"Vortex: home of the world's most powerful steam cleaning machine."

Awarded best cleaning.Call us at (505) 217-4567