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Bravo Cleaning


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tile & Grout Cleaning

"To Do" Checklist

Move out any chairs and put table, if there, on sliders: the more space opened to us, the more that's being cleaned. Depending on the level of difficulty, we may be able to move the refrigerator.

Treat floor with a pre-spray: to soften the soil. Some minutes are given for it to settle.

Scrub grout with brushes: this is done while the pre treat sits. The scrubbing ensures any hardened or deeply embedded soil is loosened before the cleaning.

Clean with a rinse: we go in with our tile cleaning equipment, consisting of 2 jets with 1,000 psi of steam to break down the soil and 1,025 cfms of vacuum lift to pull out all the dirt, soil, and bacteria out of your tile and grout, leaving it 100% sanitized and soap free.

Mops, store-bought chemicals, and the occasional scrubbing of the grout lines with a toothbrush aren't doing it anymore.

We've all been through this disappointing process before. And no matter how frequent our mopping routines are or how many different types of chemicals we use, the fact of it all is that the floor will just get dirtier, especially if you house a big family and/or do alot of cooking. And for whatever reason, a spill (preferably the colorful kind) always happens in the kitchen. The immediate response is to get a wet towel or mop and wipe off the spilled liquid. All better, right? No. What many don't know is that tile and grout are both porous. So when something is spilled, it slips through the pores and stays inside. The downside to this happening is that, if the spilled beverage was red or otherwise colorful, it sometimes tends to stain it. Same with grease and oils, which mostly collect on the floor surrounding the stove. They embed themselves within those pores and form a sturdy spot on your tile.

That's where we come in. We treat the tile and grout with a detergent that softens the soil, grease, and food and drink spots for easy cleaning. We clean porcelain, ceramic, linoleum, and also natural stone such as travertine, brick, slate, and of course the grout lines.