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Bravo Cleaning


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upholstery Cleaning

"To Do" Checklist

Spray it with a pre-treat: Softens the soil embedded within the fibers.

Brush all the wet areas: lossens any compacted soil and brushes the pre treat deeper into the fibers.

Clean with a rinse: flushes out all the gunk and grime, as well as any pet hairs or odors, from the furniture.

"Should I buy a new loveseat, since it doesn't clean well anymore?"

Before you toss out your dirty loveseat, think about this: rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new one, why not take a look at the picture below. This loveseat was from the 1970's and the owner of it had it passed down to him from his father. So this particular piece of furniture has seen its share of wear and tear from two generations of children and their "spills". And the customer thought it wasn't going to look like it did before. But when we cleaned half of it, he was, by far, very amazed. So the proof of our work is in this picture.

It's cost-efficient and it only takes 45-60 minutes to do. All it takes is for you to make the call today and give us a chance to refresh your upholstery.