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Water Extraction

"To Do" Checklist

Extract water from soaked carpet: this is the first and foremost important step. Getting rid of the water quickly and effectively as possible will reduce the chances of mold and mildew.

Upon customer's request, tear out carpet and padding:

Upon customer's request, add mold-ridding disinfectant underneath the padding and/or over the carpet surface:

Upon customer's request, add several fans to quickly dry the area:

Having an "underwater" experience in your own home?

When life gets you down, it sometimes pours. Unfortunately, it tends to get really wet. Cherished photos are tarnished or destroyed, important documents meet their untimely end, furniture begins to bloat, and overall, the house just looks like a mess. One part of your head is stuck in the moment of utter destruction, while the other is going through the common motions of a in-home flood victim--booking for a hotel, calling friends and family, and trying to salvage items that haven't been ruined.

And what you need most of all is someone to extract all the water from your home.

That's where we come in. We understand the stress of a flooded home and come to you for the sole purpose of relieving you, the homeowner, of this enormous stress. We use what we call a Claw to extract the water from the wet carpet and padding. And since we have high suction, you can guarantee that we'll take out all the water. Then we either tear out the carpet and/or padding (replacing the padding upon the customer's request) or we lift the carpet, hook up several fans under carpet (in different sections of the wet areas for air circulation and to push out the moisture), and spray a disinfectant for mold, mildew, and the musty smell underneath.

With the Vortex system, not only do we suck up all the water but we also restore security in the home. You wouldn't have to worry about you or your family being exposed to mold (which grows in 72 hours and gradually affects a person's health over the years) because our truck mount dries the carpet in a matter of hours--not days. And the disinfectant we use kills any bacteria that begins to form, making sure for your safety.

We're on call 24 hours, seven days a week.

So make the call and let us take those worries away.