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What we offer?

Tile & Grout

Restore the shiny look of your tiles and grout. We safely clean all man-made and natural tiles, so they look like new. Our cleaning professional will remove all grease, dirt, and bacteria and give your tiles a new fresh look.


Schedule your upholstery and furniture cleaning, and our fully equipped technician will come to your address. We will check out your upholstery condition and suggest the most suitable cleaning method.

Area Rugs

We can offer you various area rug cleaning methods, all of them promoted by rug manufacturers. Keep in mind that even regular vacuuming can keep your area rugs clean.

Water Extraction

Water extraction or steam cleaning is a popular method in many homes. Water extraction is recommended for extremely dirty carpets or upholstery, compared to other methods like dry cleaning or carpet shampooing.

Happy Customers


Bravo Cleaning Service fixed my problem with the carpets. My pets nearly destroyed all my carpets, and I was this close to replacing them; however, this service saved the day and restored them to their previous condition.


I didn’t know who to hire to clean my upholstery, and one friend recommended Bravo Cleaning Service! To simply put it, they are great, and I loved working with them. Their technicians lifted all the stains my kids made.


A while ago, I needed someone to clean tiles and grout in both of my bathrooms. Since I’m not fond of housework, I decided to hire Bravo Cleaning Service. After their visit, I couldn’t recognize my bathrooms.