Of course, cleaning around the house is one of the best things you can do to ensure the health of your family. Mopping floors, wiping the dust, keeping windows clean are some of the essentials. What’s not easy is making sure your couch and other pieces of furniture are clean.

Upholstery can be demanding because it needs to be cleaned deeply. And, cleaning it in such a way is often impossible without using machines or professional service. Do you know what is the best way to clean upholstery or what is upholstery cleaning?

In this article, we will share a couple of tips and tricks to help you keep your furniture clean.

Dry brush

Cleaning upholstery takes a lot of time, and it’s not a good idea to start with the cleaning process if you are expecting guests. Even if you hire professional service, it won’t be able to have your couch ready in time. It usually takes a couple of days for the fabric to dry.

That is why one of the easiest methods is to use a dry brush. A brush will loosen up any dirt, loose pieces of fabric, and even solid debris. Make sure to move brush in one direction only to avoid damaging the fabric. Don’t press the brush too hard.

After you are done with dry brushing, you should vacuum your couch. It will remove all the dirt.

Cleaning the mattress with a washing vacuum cleaner

Blot the area

If you are dealing with damp stains, then the best way to clean this area is to blot the stain and try to pull up as much liquid as you can. Use a dry cloth to remove residue without pushing debris and dirt into the fabric.

Once you have removed excess moisture, use a damp cloth and apply clean water onto the stain. Use circular motions and rub gently to pull up residue and debris. Make sure to rub only the stained area so you don’t spread the dirt around the fabric.

Apply baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent solution for furniture upholstery cleaning. You should mix a small amount of baking soda with water to create a paste and then gently apply this paste onto the stain using a clean, dry cloth.

Rub the baking soda in circular motions to remove debris and dirt. And, then, use a damp cloth to remove the rest of the baking soda.

Invest money in a cleaning machine

Any home improvement store features plenty of models of upholstery cleaning machines designed for cleaning fabric chairs, couches, and other items. Even though these machines can be useful, they have a couple of drawbacks.

For instance, some models use an excessive amount of water, which may lead to insufficient extraction, causing mildew and mold to appear. Also, some brushes may be overly stiff and aggressive, which may damage the delicate fabric.

Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Hire a professional upholstery cleaner

If you are too tired and don’t want to deal with stains, dirt, and grime, hiring a professional service is the best solution. These cleaning technicians know which solvents to apply to remove dirt and stains, leaving your upholstery fresh and clean.

Professionals are also quick and don’t take too much to clean your upholstery. Also, they have the necessary equipment for deep cleaning.